Conversatorio online sobre las luchas feministas en Medio Oriente y Chile

Integrantes del Bloque Latinoamericano participaron del Livestream organizado por la Alianza de Socialista de Medio Oriente y África del Norte (Alliance of MENA Socialists). Les compartimos la descripción del evento y el video de la conversación (en inglés)

Livestream Socialist Feminist Dialogue Between Iranian, Iraqi, Palestinian-Lebanese, Chilean women

Sunday January 26
7 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. Geneva Time
Sponsored by Alliance of MENA Socialists

Socialists feminists from Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and Chile will discuss the unique features of the uprisings in each country, the role of women, the state of women’s struggles and gender relations. They will offer ideas for connecting these uprisings to each other and to other regional and global struggles against capitalism/racism/patriarchy/heterosexism and for human emancipation.
Two hours of discussion with a moderator to be followed by 30 minutes of Q and A with the facebook audience.

Fatemeh Masjedi: Iranian academic historian and activist based in Berlin. Member of the Alliance of Middle Eastern and North African Socialists. She was a political prisoner in Iran because of her women’s rights activities.

Nadia Mahmoud is an Iraqi socialist feminist based in Iraq. She holds a PhD in Social and Policy Sciences from the University of Bath-UK. She is a co- founder of Aman Organization for Women, and a member of the Worker Communist Party of Iraq. Her articles about issues related to politics in Iraq with a special focus on workers’ movements, youth, unemployment, and secularization of the country appear weekly in the party newspaper, Ela- Al-Amam.

Sarah Kaddoura is a Palestinian feminist social worker based in Lebanon. She is the director of knowledge dissemination around sexuality, gender and sexual and reproductive rights at the A Project, and is a member of the leftist feminist Dammeh Cooperative. She also blogs on refuge, sexuality and feminism in Arabic at

Juliana Rivas, Latin American feminist, studied sociology in Chile and has a master’s degree in urbanism from Berlin. She has worked in different public institutions in Chile in areas related to sociourban issues. Participates in the political group Bloque Latinoamericano Berlin and recently in the political commission of Cabildo Berlin, working to support the Chilean rebellion. Has participated in feminist groups in Punta Arenas, Chile and Berlin, Germany.