Declaration Regarding the Terrorist Attack in Hanau

From the deep indignation and courage, of those who from different latitudes of Latin America and Europe constitute the Bloque Latinoamericano Berlin, we raise our voice, in the first place, to show solidarity with the families of those killed. We accompany them in their pain and energetically condemn the wave of violence and racist attacks that have been systematically happening, for several years now, throughout Germany and whose last atrocity has claimed the life of:Ferhat Unvar

Mercedes Kierpacz
Sedat Gürbüz
Gökhan Gültekin
Hamza Kurtović
Kalojan Velkov
Vili Viorel Păun
Said Nesar Hashemi
Fatih Saraçoğlu

and five more people were injured. Nine people were killed who were just sharing time in a Shisha Bar and whose condition of having “Migrationshintergrund” was enough to make them victims of racism and xenophobia, which crystallized in the terrible and macabre attack, perpetrated not only by “a man with mental problems “, but from the irrational and openly Nazi-fascist discourse that, in an accelerated manner, has been systematically implanted in Germany – and Europe – with the complicit help of the political parties from the center and the right, as well as by the media.

The Hanau massacre is not an isolated event nor is it the product of a sick person, on the contrary, it is the reflection of the permissiveness and complicity of a state that is based on institutional racism, constitutive element of the colonialist form of governing to which he owes his existence. That same state that boasts of being a democratic, inclusive and respecting human rights, while not hesitating to violate them in other countries, or while allowing, and even fostering and legalizing, the existence of neo-Nazi political groupings in its territory. A state that systematically, whether by commission or omission, leaves the neo-Nazi perpetrators of such attacks in total impunity while leaving the vast majority of victims in distress, such as when public officials, even when being in front of an agonized injured person, as a result of a racist attack, does nothing (as evidenced in the actions of the police and German state officials in the Halle attack in 2019). Such a state, that by privileging a sector of society because of its “racial” belonging, to the detriment of another, and that, also , as is well known, overlaps extreme right-wing terrorist groups such as the NSU, can only be named as racist and terrorist.

The attack in Hanau, as well as everyday racism in German society and institutions, is no exception, but the norm. A norm that exists only for migrants, for those of “color”, for those who do not fit the “European” phenotype, for those who profess a “foreign” religion, for those “outside”, for “Ausländer”. Those who are usually paid less or who are usually denied the “Universal Human Rights” whose “defense” is used abroad, hypocritically, by the German State to impose their economic interests and geopolitics; as when he condemns, following United States imperialist war propaganda and war interests, the “Chavez-Maduro dictatorship” in Venezuela, as when he sells weapons to governments to kill its people, or as when he legitimizes coups and spurious murderer governments in Latin America, Middle East, Africa …It is hard to believe, then, that all these things are “coincidences”, “errors” or an arbitrary product of universal synergy because they are not. There is a structural problem, which is part of a colonial and capitalist project, that grows day by day and whose responsible have first and last name.

For all of these, we demand:

1.- The clarification and access to justice in a complete, expedited and prompt manner for the victims, wounded and relatives of this outrageous event, as well as for all cases of violence and racist attacks.

2.- That the German State ceases to finance and/or endorse groups, organizations, movements or parties of the extreme right, with or without legal registration.

3.- The dismantling and prosecution of all organizations, movements or parties of the extreme right, as well as the punishment of state officials who have been complicit in allowing such organizations to continue to exist under the protection of the German State.

4.- Stop the criminalization of migrant and leftist organizations in Germany.

5.- We invite our comrades from the German left to reflect about this situation, to build a network to fight collectively, from the diverse experiences of migrant and multicultural groups, the racism that prevails, even sometimes, in the common spaces of struggle.