Territorial Work

In order to deepen the ties between Latin America and Germany, we propose to build up a militancy that has as horizonts a new political and social configuration of the space where the lives of the popular sectors are taking place. We consider that disputing the hegemony and developing new ways of resistance go hand in hand with approaching what society usually refers to as otherness or as marginal, and specially work with the most impoverished sectors, understanding how this situation affects identities and bodies. 

Our tasks promoting and making internationalist solidarity visible brought us together with diverse struggles, which in their majority have a territorial dimension. 

We approach territorial work form the existing tensions between social inclusion and counter-hegemonic politization. We are aware this tension is not only not reducible, but is, mainly,  one of the revolutionary potentialities of territorial militancy.

In the context of the Latin American Block we have built a permanent group of territorial work at the end of 2019, which, after carrying out an exercise of defining interpretations and concepts, has outlined a work plan for 2020. This year’s project aims to help build bridges between the countryside and the city, between urban and rural movements.

We want to address the farmers problematic in the Brandenburg area, seeking to coordinate this praxis with our daily life militancy in Berlin. We contacted them to know their realities, understand their needs and the ways in which we can contribute from our specific migrant background. In these meetings, we were able to establish a set of priorities (like visiting their fields and work centers during winter), as well as make ourselves available to give a hand in whatever is needed in their future activities. The main objective will be to establish a joint work with comrades who are militating in the rural area and exchange perspectives and strengthen ties.