About Us

The Latin American Block was formed towards the end of 2018 as a result of the convergence of diverse leftist political organizations and activists who had been working in solidarity with popular struggles in Central and South America, as well as in the political organization of migrant, refugee and racialized people in Germany. Building spaces of resistance and solidarity has become an urgent need against right wing and fascism’s surge in Europe and Latin America, and in general across the globe. In the view of the left’s atomization and the national focus given to problematics that affects us transnationally, we decided to unite and join forces. Organizing as migrants, in a context marked by political persecution and the criminalization of social struggle, allows us to echo the censored voices of our continent.

We are a diverse group, which stands united under these common statements:

-We understand Internationalism as solidarity with popular struggles, grassroots movements and political agents from a diverse background who resist against fascism, imperialism and neoliberalism in Central America, South America, and the Caribbean, as well as in the rest of the world. We believe our role is to make visible, condemn and confront the decisions and positions adopted by both, state and private, European actors regarding the problematics concerning our territories; and to make more visible the struggles as well as the political alternatives being constructed here and there.

– We work in alliance with other migrant and diasporic communities in Berlin, as we are united by a similar history of colonization and resistance. We aim to build a broad anticolonial alliance that brings together those, who like us, want to fight the present effects and forms of colonialism.

-We consider the defense of the territories and nature as the foundation of life and sovereignty to be fundamental. We celebrate the growing interest in the environmental crisis, however, the solution does not lie in the search of sustainable alternatives within the predominating capitalist model that we live in. It lies on the horizons that arise from profound and dialogic reflections on the origin of class, gender and ethnic-racial inequalities that permeate the socio-environmental conflicts in territories subordinated to an extractivist production relationship. This struggle must encompass condemning the roles played out by international corporations in generating oppressive and violent dynamics, as well as imperialists states defending such interests through trade, security or military agreements, along with their complicity in the systematic assassination of Latin America’s resisting social leaders. 

-We are inspired by the historical struggles of women*, which have resulted in a plurality of feminisms and perspectives of an antipatriarchal fight. We seek to create spaces where we can question our internalizations of the patriarchal logic and learn from the perspectives of popular, community-oriented, and African American feminisms as well as the women’s movement in Kurdistan, amongst others. Hence, we constitute an active part of the alliances of migrant women* in Germany and of the common struggle with other popular sectors against all forms of violence and inequality.

The Latin American Block gathers as an assembly the first Saturday of each month and its main communication language is Spanish. Our daily activism is structured through permanent workgroups centered on thematic (environment, feminisms, territory, and anticolonialism) and practical axis (communications, political analysis and debate, and artistic interventions), along with task groups formed for specific themes or actions. If you would like to get involved, write us a message telling us a bit about yourself, your interests and motivations, or come by the introductory space that we have at the start of every assembly