Solidarity With Latin America

The peoples of Abya Yala organize and resist. From Germany, we focus our activism on supporting and spreading the voice on the struggles which arise from Abya Yala’s territories, along with coordinating at a European level to make known the current situation and the violence these territories endure. Our struggle is intersectional, we always work from a feminist and anticolonial perspective. We consider it fundamental to connect directly with the social movements and grassroots organizations in South and Central America and the Caribbean, which constitute the living forces and seeds of all progressive change, and to articulate this with the political and territorial work that we undertake in Germany.

Our work relies on the continuous construction of open spaces which promote the condemnation of neocolonial violence and patriarchal practices that negatively affect territories and human lives in Latin America and elsewhere. We are constatly searching for the most adequate ways to carry out an affective, effective and non-paternalistic internationalist solidarity work with Latin America’s struggles. We propose to work in coordination with the social movements in these territories, putting ourselves at their disposal to contribute to make their demands visible and to provide them with material support.

Since the Latin American Block’s formation towards the end of 2018, we have accompanied the Venezuelan people in their resistance and struggle against the threats of intervention by United States; we condemned the coup d’état in Bolivia, and gathered our strength to make Ecuador, Chile and Colombia’s popular rebellions visible in Europe. Although our resources are still limited, we know that working together allows us to give a further contribution to societies. Nevertheless, there is still plenty to do. One of our greatest aspirations is to make visible the struggles of countries which geopolitically lack covering in conventional media, such as the countries of Central American and Caribbean. 

Currently we work from a horizontal perspective with a wide range of organizations and groups in Germany with which we continue to (de)construct ourselves so that we can contribute to struggles from an from an Internationalist solidarity stand.