Anticolonial Berlin

Facing the right’s growth and the intensification of its terrorist attacks, as migrants we consider that it is more necessary than ever to organize ourselves in the anti-fascist and anti-colonial fight.

The Latin American Block promotes the alliance and joint work of different collectives of migrant and diasporic communities in Berlin, with the aim of uniting in solidarity, getting to know each other, supporting each other and giving more strength to internationalist efforts. Our prospect is to build a movement that, through its presence in the streets along with the organization and the strengthening of our communities, makes visible the violence that results from the oppressions, segregation, and inequalities of the colonial past: the destruction of nature, genocides perpetrated against indigenous populations and afro-descendants, the assassination of political leaders, the state’s repression and oppression of migrants and refugees, fortification of borders, along with racism and war’s further increase, are consequences of a system of destruction that has been imposed through violence.

These phenomena are the result of centuries of a system of oppression that included processes of racialisation of Muslim, Jewish and Roma peoples in European territory, as well as the colonization of territories and peoples in the Global South. This ideology has also penetrated our societies of provenance. It is therefore necessary that we, as a collective with different positions, become aware of racism also within the colonized peoples and the migrant and diasporic communities.

Our objective is to question the current structures and to propose fair and supportive alternatives. In 2019, over 15 organizations joined forces for the first time to collectively organize an Anti-Colonial Month in Berlin which took place between October 3 and November 15, with 25 events, a three-day forum that gathered beyond 300 attendees, and a march with thousands of people in the streets. Based on this experience, we continue to collaborate in different ways and support each other in our struggles.

A fundamental component of our anti-colonial fight is to make the histories of colonized peoples visible and contribute to the reflection on Germany’s and Europe’s colonial past. For this reason, at the beginning of 2020 we organized together with other migrant collectives and a group of students a » decolonial day » for high school students in Berlin. Using tools for debate and artistic languages such as theatre, this event was a space for reflection and critical questioning of past and present colonial structures, both in their direct forms of violence, as well as in their more indirect forms of colonization of thought and ways of life. We hope that this was the beginning of more joint initiatives and to be able to broaden the anti-colonial view through joint work with migrant groups from different parts of the world.