Ecology and Defense of Life

We’re a multidisciplinary group with a diverse background. We stand for the preservation of nature as the basis for life. We want to share our views on land, territories, cultures and power structures: different themes that intersect with the multidimensional crises we are currently experiencing. We try to have our own agenda and not act according to external agendas, although we always act in total solidarity. We aspire to make visible and cooperate with perspectives that come from the Global South and, depending on our capacities, we want to investigate and participate together with other collectives on climate justice and highlight the role that European transnational companies have in Latin America.

Our aim  for this year is to start a campaign in cooperation with the Mapuche solidarity collective in Berlin, to raise the issue of monoculture in Mapuche territory and how it is affecting water theft (and consequently bringing about great droughts). Specifically, we want to support a community affected by fires that have destroyed part of their fruit trees.