Solidarität mit Lateinamerika

Anticolonial month – Berlin

October 10 and 11, 2020 

Last weekend, from the Anticolonial Coordination in Berlin, we commemorated Hermannplatz the beginning of centuries of struggles and resistance against colonialism in our territories. During the last years, different political, activist and artists  migrant organizations have built bridges of joint work, because we recognize that the struggle to overthrow capitalism is based on a history of colonial control by nation-states and European and North American companies. 

From there, this month we take to the streets of the German capital to demonstrate that the current injustices are a reflection and product of that colonial control, forms of relations that far from being obsolete, seek to perpetuate a system of oppression that generates profits for first world countries while expanding misery for the majorities that do not benefit from the world economic order. 

The „Plantón“ and the „Caminatas anticoloniales“ held last weekend, sought to make clear how this domination is expressed in Berlin itself. This territory bears both a deep history of decisions that have oppressed countless peoples throughout the history of humanity and the representation of a country in the current hegemonic order and the crises we experience today as a society. 

For these reasons, as Bloque Latinoamericano we see in the actions and meetings from the Anticolonialist month as a forms of manifestation of this struggle, since we raise our voice and our bodies for a radical transformation of the patriarchal and capitalist model. Our effort is to create new paths of reproduction and wealth through which the historically oppressed peoples can achieve their liberation and with it, guarantee the salvation of our planet as a common home.

Participating organizations

BiPoC Environmental & Climate Justice KollectivBlack Earth

Bloque Latinoamericano

Cabildo Berlin-Chile



Frente Latinoamérica Unida


Legalisierung Jetzt


Migrante – Antikoloniales Kollectiv aus den Philippinen

Palästina Spricht

Quilombo Invisível


Tarkas / Sikuris


Unidos por la Paz (UPA)

Voces de Guatemala